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Music all around the world has become beautifully entwined. One is as likely to find the Sabar (a Senegalese drum) in Donegal, Dakar, or Dalton, GA; or the Fead‍óg (an Irish tin whistle) in Madrid, County Mayo, or Memphis, TN. Guitars and voices are universal.


This is the musical voyage that has brought Honeysuckle Road together. With backgrounds encompassing, American music from Classical, Country/Bluegrass, and Heavy Metal to Jazz, Rock & Roll, and Zydeco, our passion is to bring these disparate elements together in a way that honors the traditional while pushing the boundaries of the conventional.


This allows us to play world music with a distinctive American style, and Americana music that incorporates the best of the world styles; our favorite is Celtic.


We invite you on this joyous musical journey. Join us on the road, Fellow Travelers!


Honeysuckle Road is:  Bert Curtis - Guitar, Arlene Rojewski Stern - Vocals,

Bob Stern - Bass, Baritone Guitar & Vocals, Alpha Stewart - Percussion & Vocals.

Our Music

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